The Team

Officially started on 1st August 2022, TOOL4LIFE is a 3-years project coordinated by BERCELLA Srl, an Italian composite manufacturer, and involves three other partners: RINA CONSULTING SpA (Italy), CENTRE SCIENTIFIQUE & TECHNIQUE DEL’INDUSTRIE TEXTILE BELGE ASBL (Belgium) and MARBO ITALIA Srl (Italy).

Partners defined the next steps and how to handle the challenges that will come, starting the activities of this innovative project with the will of actively contribute to the effective reduction of CO2 emissions, energy savings, inferior landfilling, and the creation of healthier world for the citizens. The forecasts for the future are promising, the project is expected to repay itself already at the short term, thanks to the savings and revenues multiplication associated to the reduced market costs for composites.

At medium-term, third party manufacturing is expected to multiply the business up to saturation of manufacturing capacity. Long term exploitation foresees installations at the licensors sites. Such accelerated deployment beyond the initial site is expected to generate revenues, and to spread fast the rate of adoption.


RINA Consulting


Marbo Italia